Welcome to Solid Listen Network!

Solid Listen was born from the desire to bring new voices to the podcasting space. Our hosts are spread across the United States, have different economic and religious backgrounds and ethnicities but they have one thing in common: an expertise on topics that only their life experience, dedication to the subject matter and insatiable curiosity could produce.

Our founder, Molly McAleer, has worked in traditional and online media for over a decade and prides herself on her ability to spot talent in the wild. She used this skill while successfully helping to develop hundreds of young writers at the website she co-founded, Hello Giggles. After reintroducing herself to the podcasting space in 2013, she realized that a lot of the popular hosts she listened to came from a traditional media background or were pursuing similar goals in the entertainment industry. While many of those podcasts are very good and rightfully successful, she felt that there was a big gap between casual hobbyists and those who were making a living in this space. That’s when it occurred to her that she should continue to use her online platform to elevate fresh voices that excited her.

At its core, Solid Listen is a group of creative friends with the same breed of passion for a variety of subjects. Our roster of shows is continuing to grow while our existing shows get better with each episode. We hope that you check back from time to time to see how our family continue to expand and grow.